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Welcome to the website of Cromarty Vets

Founded in 2007 Cromarty Vets is a men’s group that uses sport to gather men together. The principle aim of Cromarty is to support and encourage men and in doing so the hope is that men will feel better about themselves and so become better dad’s, husbands and generally all round happier people.

With a Christian ethos Cromarty offers a neutral outlet where there are no pre-conditions and no expectations from the men who join. There are too many groups and clubs where the members have to commit themselves only to fall by the wayside creating a barrier for men to return. This is where Cromarty is very difference. The symbolic “cross” in the title is a subtle reference that it is with God’s blessing and grace that this group had been formed and continues to grow.
Why sport? – Sport with its infinite activities offers an outlet where men of all ages and abilities can be catered for. It has its own language and brings men together to play together and as such experiences become shared, conversations begin and friendships grow. As well as keeping men fit and it offers an important base from which other fun and support events can be introduced.

And so from a humble beginning of 11 men we have grown to just under 100. Of this c85% are non-Christians. Over the last 3 years 6 sides to the work Cromarty undertakes has been formed:

Cromarty Sports & Social – We play football every fortnight – go bowling – have a golf society – contest for an annual squash cup – play cricket in the summer – organise a darts evening and run two curry and quiz nights. We also have our annual dads – v – kids Christmas Football match with hot drinks and selection boxes for the kids.

Cromarty Adventures – This is where we try and create memories for dads by including the children – we have taken 130 people camping for the weekend and 50 climbing Snowdon and this year we are looking at White Water Rafting and a 30 mile walk in the Peak District

Cromarty Events – Here we look at including the whole family – taking over restaurants and organising family fun days.

Cromarty Community – With nearly 100 guys we have the manpower and skill base to offer our services to numerous worthy causes – We have recently raised money via bike rides for Herts Youth Homeless and a Youth Café that is soon to open in Bishops Stortford.

Cromarty Discussion – offers a forum to tackle all sorts of topics from Men losing their jobs – Relationship pressures – health concerns – bullying – adolescent mental health and much more. We usually hold this a Costa Coffee in an evening.

Cromarty Faith – last but by no-means least – Cromarty Faith is a gentle soft touch introduction to Christianity. Alpha and similar programmes have been seen as too advanced for many men in their feelings about God. For many God is simply dismissed whether from bitter experience or by misunderstanding. Cromarty Faith introduces topics in a “no-hidden agenda” format and with its own branding means that the men who come along do so understand the topics of discussion in advance so that they can make an informed decision whether to attend or not. We are due to start a series of Cromarty Faith discussion in 2014 – the first being the “Big Bang Theory”.

To conclude – Cromarty Vets is I believe one of the most important men’s groups concepts that I have ever come across. It offers so much to the men that are part of this group and yet it is only scratching the surface. My hope is that a Cromarty Vets men’s group will pop up in every town in the UK. As one of the dad’s summed it up for me – what would life be like without Cromarty Vets?

If you would like to hear more about Cromarty Vets then I would be delighted to have a chat. My contact details are below.

Nigel Blair-Park – Founder of Cromarty Vets – 07775 545613