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Nigel’s Notes


Question – “When did you last do something for the first time?”

Great start to the New Year for Cromarty with the message starting to spread about the group. Our numbers tickle 70. The continuing support and encouragement that men get from being part of Cromarty Vets is evident and fantastic to witness. The new format for the Monday night football is working well as we accommodate more and more guys. I’m still working on getting additional bibs.

The annual Cromarty Squash Trophy run in March was won by Lee Palmer after an extremely entertaining final against Richard Booth. Once again a big thank you to Spencer Thomas for organising what was a brilliant competition. The recent curry quiz night was long overdue and attended by several new faces. The combination of beer, curry and a sports quiz is quite simply perfection. I haven’t forgotten the medals for the winning team that will be out shortly.

We have a lot happening now with the run up to summer and so as always please try and get along to as much as you can. From time to time new dates are added to Events Calendar on the Web Site and so please dip in to see what’s coming up.

Words and figures – in the banking world if words and figures differed on a cheque it was the words that took precedence. I used this example recently but not in a banking context but in a supportive one. I used figures in terms of income and while important especially if you have financial commitments words of encouragement, words of good advice, words of comfort and words of wisdom mean a whole lot more. It is from experience that Men feed off the words of their father, they want to know they are achieving, they want to know they are doing well. When words are used in this way shoulders feel twice as broad and chests pumped out noticeably further. Where do you get your words of encouragement from?

Now getting back to the question I posed and hopefully you’ve had time to think about it – “When did you last do something for the first time?” – For me just two weeks ago I stood with my family on the gantry at the Cromer RNLI station watching the launch of a Tamar Class Lifeboat. The noise and boom of the Lifeboat as it slid down the chute sending a spray of water high in the sky as it hit the sea was ore inspiring. It got me thinking of this very question.

Cromarty Darts night is next on the immediate horizon and so details should be out soon. I know a number of you have put forward suggestions for events which is great. Some look more doable than other but please keep ideas coming in. As always keep a watchful eye out for the guys in the group and ask how they are getting on, remember words and figures!

See you at a Cromarty event soon.

God bless.



January 2011

Happy New Year!

Off the back of a hectic 2010 we enter our 4th year in good shape. Plenty of lessons learnt and much, much more to be achieved. First thing is general organisation, I will be looking to involve more of the team in arranging and organising events and now we have all got to know each other it is clear we have a very broad set of skills. You will notice we have tidied up the web site with clearer headings and an easier on the eye experience when entering each page.

We have a new events calendar that contains all the notable dates for 2011 to allow for maximum notification. Please familiarise yourself with all the dates and feel free to make a mental note of those you would like to participate in. You will notice a Men’s Alpha 2011 tab. I am looking to run a “bite-size” mens Alpha in Costa Coffee, Bishops Stortford, this year over 4 Monday evenings and will be coming out with more details nearer the time. For further information about Alpha feel free to visit the website

The numbers of Cromarty Vets Members stands at 64 and I expect this to climb to 80 by the end of 2011 which is fantastic. Supporting Mentoring and Encouraging Men remains the core purpose of this group and I would encourage people to come forward with suggestions as to how this can be given greater visibility and brought to life. If there is an event you would like me to organise then feel free to make suggestions. 2011 is going to be a tough year and maybe a number of you are feeling rather vulnerable. Can I ask we all play are part in keeping our eyes and ears open and if we notice a change in behaviour of a fellow Cromarty member we do something about it and ask.

Finally I thought I would share with you a conundrum that I am chewing around. I do enjoy reading however I tend to start 2 or 3 books and then juggle them and unfortunately all the different story lines tend to morph into one big soap opera. That I said I am often stirred by something prophetic that reverberates around my head as it challenges my own understanding of the point being made and my own response to what I would or can do. With this in mind I was reading one of the said books when it without notice swerved into the path of the challenges and duties of being a father / mother / parent. It gave me a finger wagging wake up call…….it said “it is the responsibility of every parent to ensure their children reach their full potential”. Wow ………how do you do that? Was that done for me? Am I doing it now? Do I do it enough? Do my children believe I am doing it? Does my wife believe I am doing it? Can I do it? Not easy to answer but a wake up for me and maybe for you.

I hope we continue to evolve and grow in the coming year and thank you for many of the kind words of support believe me they mean a great deal.



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