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Events Calendar 2014

Cromarty Faith

  • We are just finalising the first Cromarty Faith topic that will be on Monday 3rd March – Details will be out in the next few days.

Cromarty Community

  • Movember – £20 per person. Launch on Thursday 30th October over a beer at the Half Moon and or another suitable venue. £20 collected on the night – money to go to prostate cancer
  • Cromarty Manpower days – 26thApril and 11th Oct. We will identify two worthy local causes to see whether they could use a team of men to help with a clean-up etc.


Cromarty Sports & Social

  • Curry & Quiz –  two dates, May 22nd and the other as a combined Christmas / end of Movember on Friday 28th November.


The Events and Adventures teams are working on some great ideas and so again these will be shared just as soon as details are known.

Cromarty Discussion

  • We have already held a discussion on the 3rd Feb “The challenges of adolescent mental health” which was a fascinating evening and attracted input for 6 dads all of whom are dealing with some extremely challenging situations – This group will continue to meet and so if you would like to be part of this particular discussion going forward then please let me know.
  • Topics for futures Discussions – Feel free to suggest a discussion topic that you would like to see raised / tackled. Like the discussion on the 3rd Feb there can be some really sensitive matters however we will always look to deal with these confidentially.

Please email Nigel regarding further information for all events and to book your place!


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